Eclectic spirituality

The more I use the term Eclectic Spirituality in speaking with other people, the more I find a positive response from them.  “That resonates for me,” they say, or “Yes, that fits!”  So many of us are on the spiritual path but do not fit into any one category or label, and don’t quite know how to express what our path is. 

What does “eclectic” mean?  The dictionary definition is “selecting from various systems, doctrines, or sources”.  And that is what we do – study older teachings and wisdom traditions, read New Age books, follow the teachings of modern authors, glean wisdom from our own higher selves.  From each we take what works for us, and from each we grow in spiritual understanding.  And we respect other people’s beliefs and spiritual paths even when we do not agree with them, because we believe that each person has to find their own way that is right for them.

The term “spiritual but not religious” is used a lot, but I do not find it a satisfying one.  It doesn’t really describe anything, or offer much information.  Eclectic Spirituality is a much better description of my own path.  If you haven’t looked at my Eclectic Spirituality page, please do.  I pretty much said everything there.  Maybe you will find that the term fits for you as well.



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